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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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to the man behinds one of the toughest immigration laws ever passed sb 1070. he's been tapped by donald trump as a member of his team. >> but now new insight from the immigration efvy -- heavyweight brought in. sonu wasu with the story. state in kansas known in arizona as the father of the most controversial immigration law in the country. sb1070. his main job will be to work on reversing all of president obama's immigration policies. that includes daca that gave protection to children of illegal immigrants brought here at a young age. >> do you worry about your mother being deported?
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day. every time she goes to get groceries, we're afraid we're not going to see her anymore. >> kobach says the border wall is a reality. >> there's no question the wall is going to get built. the question is how quickly will it get done and who helps pay for it. >> one suggestion he made was to stop immigrants from wiring money home to families mexico. the federal government could stop the payments. no money for mexican families would be a big hit for the mexican government. >> we'd tell mexico, look would you like to help us pay for the wall. >> it's important to note that president-elect trump has not made indications that this would happen but immigrant advocates worry. sonu wasu abc 15 news. vice president-elect mike
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team. that wasn't the plan. chris christie was tapped but the bridgegate sandal and loyalty to trump were -- scandal and loyalty to trump were taken into consideration. kushz is suspected to be -- jared kushner is expected to be a front front-runner for head of staff -- front-runner for head it looks like they're crossing university right there. we'll continue to keep you updated it started at about 3:00 and it sounds like they're planning to continue marching until 7:00. we'll keep you updated. another above average day with the temperatures as we thit 80s. a very -- as we hit the 80s. a very nice night ahead. deer valley #79s. 80 in -- 78 degrees.
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lows tonight will be falling into the 60s. we'll see the 70s through the 9:00 hour like when we have those freezes. lighter through the evening. 6 in the forecast by 11:00. waking up in the upper 50s. 61 in phoenix. east winds five to ten miles per hour. ticket galaxy 200 that race beginning at 12:30. sitting in the upper 70s. heading to the 80s. beautiful, dry, sunny afternoon. a warm one. and it gets even warmer. a look at your full forecast coming up. we've seen a lot of marches lately but today across the country and in the valley many able to set aside their differences to honor our heros. tens of thousands lining the streets of phoenix this veterans day. many telling us why they fought and what's really important to
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>> i like the freedom that we have. being able to have the freedom of speech and not, you know, not be told you can't do this you can't do that. >> in the east valley thousands more took to the streets for the mesa veterans day parade. honoring generations of valor the theme. organizations taking time to single out men and women who served as well. >> we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect. and we owe you our freedom. >> president obama honoring members of the armed forces at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. thanking veterans for the final time in office. new afrgs about a 25 -- new information about a 25-year-old driver arrested for road raging. he tried to kill himself in his jail cell and was taken to the hospital.
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last night. glendale police say a suspected burglar tried to crawl through the duct work of the home he broke into. it happened sunday near 55th avenue and northern. a home alarm alerted officers who found the man in the ac duct work. after running away a k-9 knocked him to the ground. he fought with police and one officer suffered a separated shoulder. a crash being blamed on a guy getting away it's at 83rd and indian school. here's what we heard as officers tried to move in. >> i got him. off of indian school right now. he's crashed. on point right now. >> we recovered a gun in the vehicle. >> he crashed. there's a little fire. >> it happened after police got behind the driver of the pickup they learned was stolen. it clashed into a car. mie -- crashed into a car. minor injuries to both.
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a busy peoria intersection opened after a horrible crash that injured nine. the peoria fire department says five cars were involved. three of those who were injured have serious injuries. and thunderbird had to be closed down for hours. in tempe police looking for the driver of an a deadly -- of a deadly hit ask run. randy was hit near a crosswalk. he did t police are looking for a black hyundai elan tra with damage to front end and headlights. phoenix police turning to social media when trump protesters hit the streets. the message they have. and another group known for protests telling marchers in the valley to stand down. why black lives matter got on their facebook page. and some of the live pictures.
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tempe as people march along mill avenue. they're heading north at this hour.
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safety is what's most important here. we want to the protests going on right now. we'll get to that in a moment. an update from the county recorder. we're expecting this in. ballots being counted in maricopa county. several races wait in the balance. too close to call. including the county recorder's job itself. as we told you last night there were 310,000 ballots to be processed. we're waiting on the update. the second we get it we'll pass it to you.
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area near asu along mill avenue. students upset about the election results so far. this protest is peaceful but police watching it closely. phoenix police taking to facebook as a response pointing out their units are at the events. they work with organizers to keep people safe as well as protecting free speech. you may remember the police protest in july. abc 15 talked with police then about the unit and how their presence make as difference. >> it's trusting relationship with the community. and that's our goal for each and every one of these protests. >> their posts giving tips on how to keep a peaceful protest from turning to criminal activity. a valley group known for its marches telling protesters to stands down. black lives matter arizona got on their facebook page and asked what are you protesting. and said quote you should have voted. the group goes on to say just
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president we want doesn't make it okay to protest the one that's chosen. they challenge the people to find a way to restructure the system that they're upset with. a live look at our adot cameras. a busy freeway is about to shut down. we'll tell you the spots to avoid this weekend. we want to show you the live pictures again. protests happening all around the country. just checking in on chicago. moments ago. an update from miami. those protests there and al here in valley -- in the valley. we'll keep you updated. you can find the guidelines on my facebook page. if you want to take part you
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from the live desk a man in tennessee under arrest accused of starting a fire. a chattanooga man is charged with setting fire to perm property and vand -- personal property and vandalism over $250,000. the fires burned 300 acres and threatened homes. the sheriff says the man confessed but a tip to the public is what led investigators to him. we honor more than 18 we found many velter rans -- veterans celebrating in the valley. this is one veteran making today a lesson. he took his grandchildren on a field trip. >> he taught me how to take care and help others and don't just care about yourself. >> this is something that everybody should do with their grand kids.
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enforcement, people that have put their time, their lives into what makes arizona a great place to live. and america a great place to live. >> this man is using today to serve his country in a different way. we'll have his story at 6:00. more problems plaguing the va that word from john mccain and jeff flake. two reports confirm that mismanagement at the southern arizona va healthcare system. mccain and flake call it unacceptable. they failed to properly schedule appointments in 600 requests. mccain a well known veteran also released a message. mccain says quote t this
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their lives. some insight into what qualities the incoming president might value. tom has been covering donald trump for the last year. he talked to some of trump's closest friends and advisors for a 20/20 special airing tonight. >> one of the most important things about donald trump is that whoever he hires has to be loyal to him. he wants people he really knows for the top cabinet positions. >> the special, president airs tonight at 9:00 on abc 15. $10,000 that's how much a family is offering to help find their two missing dogs. gemma and toby were at home last month and went out the back gate. the family tonight pleading for help on facebook hoping the reward will encourage someone to come forward. s are cue groups are offering to find suitable dogs for
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if you have information go to our website >> the dogs at the dog park are happy. finally can run around a little bit. >> all the people are like when is it going to cool down? ? >> 80s out there again today. some 70s in the forecast. 81 out there right now. northeast winds at seven miles per hour. humidity value in the 20s. lows tonight upper 50s. 61 in phoenix. clear skies right through you see a little high cloud cover tomorrow evening. highs again above average. average high 77 degrees. tomorrow at 83. if you're getting outdoors the green light to do anything. lots going on this weekend. nascar in town. if you're getting out doing hiking, biking, running, getting the dogs outside. remember we're still in the 80s. stay hydrated. remember the sunscreen.
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days. a few breezes in the noon hour through the afternoon between ten and 15 miles ander hour. lighter winds -- miles per hour. lighter winds in the forecast. a disturbance back to the south. that's bringing in a little cloud cover across southeastern arizona. maybe a sprinkle or two through the white mountains tomorrow. no significant rain across the state of arizona. if you're traveling around this weekend high pressure begins to build in. an perspective. builds in through monday and that means our temperatures will be even warmer before we see 70s back in our forecast in the extended forecast. here's the weekend plan. 83 tomorrow. average high 77. 86, a little warmer on sunday. a few more clouds on sunday. won't bring any rain. up to 86. ten degrees above average as we kick off the week next week. then the 70s in the fore kars by late next week -- forecast
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the high country in the mid- 50s. 58 in window rock. overnight lows. 28 in window rock tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s along the rim with those 50s and 60s across south central arizona. tomorrow back in the upper 50s. sedona 68. kingman 75. and yuma will be one of the warmest spots at 86. a quick peek at the valley forecast of. -- forecast. you'll wake up at 60 in anthem. overnight lows above average with the average at 54. valley wide tomorrow going to be a beautiful saturday. and then looking ahead to sunday. cards in town taking on the 49ers. 82 degrees, beautiful. if you're doing tailgates not bad at all. not done warming up. the record high on tuesday 90.
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some breezes, more cloud cover. not seeing rain but headed into the mid-70s late next week. many of you have friends and family in these cities. protests happening in miami, in chicago. we want to start at home along mill avenue at 300 people marching in an anti-trump rally at this hour. they plan to be out there until about 7:00. if that adjusts your plans at all. meantime a pro into a bit for of a disturbance in that middle shot in miami. they're getting in the way of cars along that freeway. we're going to keep monitoring this for you and let you know if updates come into the newsroom. traffic alert coming your way. a busy valley freeway shutting down. the loop 202 in phoenix. this is a live look from our adot come ra. the eastbound lanes will close between i-10 and 44th street
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tomorrow night. it's for resurfacing. further trouble spots on a warning about traffic in the west valley. thousands in avondale this weekend for nascar at pir. we're going to take you there live. first david muir with the stories. inside trump tower tonight. the new team and the shake up. the key name moved aside. the police officer dragged by a suspect in a truck.
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. all right we do have a third night of protests happening. these are live pictures from the ground on mill avenue. you can see moving around a bit
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north on mill avenue. people feeling their voices need to be heard out there. others at home feeling their voice was heard when they cast their vote. a heads up if you're heading out on mill avenue tonight. it should be going on they say until about 7:00 tonight. a huge weekend in the valley. cardinals at home in glendale. >> nascar has roared into town and we're hearing that big changes could be in store for pir and race fans. joe bartels is lie what did you find out about this? >> well, we can confirm there are changes coming to this historic track. hosting the premier years now. it's a huge fan favorite. several enhancements over the years. the track was repaved about six years ago. but now we are hearing there might be larger improvements in
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however track officials are remaining tight lipped. >> really excited about it. again, there's been some speculation on how it will look, what the improvements will be. but we're excited about it. because, again, it's i don't want to say wrigley field but it's one of those classic tracks with so much character. >> and coming up at 6:00. i talked to some long time nascar fans about the changes they've seen in the sport over the past 20 years. that at 6:00. >> 200,000 people out there this weekend. >> they have so much fun camping out and everything. coming ahead at 6:00. we're live on the streets of this -- as this anti-trump rally develops in the valley. you're looking at editted pictures. these are pictured of miami. the same thing happening in cities across america. everyone hoping the protests stay peaceful unlike last night in portland.
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already backtracking or was it part of the plan? why the president-elect says he may keep parts of back macare. veteran -- obamacare. veterans could have their retirement in jeopardy. coming up at 6:00. as you're making plans over the next 24 hours outdoors, a little cool tomorrow morning. 50s and 60s valley wide. light winds in the foreca a little bit warmer into the mitd 80s for some o -- mid-80s for some of us. some 70s. a full look at your seven-day at 6:00. what's it supposed to be? >> 77. >> 77. okay, that's the magic number. >> at some point we'll hit normal. >> hey, we're not seeing 90s. >> we have to complain anyway. let's get back to the live desk.
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leave you tonight and send you to world news. tracking the protests in american cities all across the country. we'll have the latest on what's happening here in the valley for you. tonight at 6:00. this is happening along mill avenue. phoenix is gorgeous! warm weather, blue skies, the sonoran desert. and what's better than doing something amazing in my city? doing it for free! hey! we hear you!
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trump wants to keep obamacare. tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. one name moved aside. plus, donald trump's new comments about obama car. will he not repeal it after all? america divided. but tonight, the question. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. new letters going home to parents after disturbing scenes. and the state of emergency,


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